Is your website pulling it’s weight?

The FreedomPro Difference

One solution that saves time & money

People managing small businesses are generally fighting a battle against either time or money, and sometimes both. They either need to bring in more customers and income, or they have overcome that hurdle only to find themselves overextended with the day to day activities of a busy business.

No matter where a business manager is on this continuum, the solution is to leverage the power of technology.

For clients that want to expand their business, we can develop a professional website that integrates seamlessly with smart-automation powered marketing programs. We can use software to observe which content your prospective clients interact with the most and use that information to trigger customized campaigns that will wow and delight your future customers.

For busy clients that need help freeing up manpower, we can do an automation audit to determine which parts of your business process can be offloaded to process automation instead of tying up valuable man hours. This has an incredible impact on small business operations and can free up business owners and managers to spend their time doing more important things.

We go the extra mile

While many web companies might get by utilizing cheap shared hosting, we know that delivering an excellent end-customer experience means that your website has to be rock-solid reliable and lightning fast whenever and wherever it’s accessed.

Downtime is not an option.

If you host your site with us, you’ll enjoy peace of mind knowing your website is constantly monitored for security threats and powered by our cutting edge cloud VPS servers backed by Cloudflare’s global content delivery network.

Website Design

We create websites that actually help your business. Your new web platform will be your best sales tool, designed to carry your prospects through a deliberate process from visitor to customer and beyond.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media platforms are powerful marketing tools when used correctly. They can also be dangerous liabilities that can hurt your brand when done wrong.

Email Marketing

Email Marketing still produces one of the highest ROI’s of any marketing channel. The key is to know your audience and personalize your message.

PPC Advertising

Pay Per Click Advertising is one of the best ways for startups and local businesses to generate revenue quickly. Success here requires being highly sensitive to feedback and knowing how to optimize your ad spend.

Content Marketing

Content Marketing is the backbone of any effective strategy for growing your customer base. Being aware of what content your audience spends the most time with will give you valuable insights about how to sell to them. 


Branding is more than just a logo or style guidelines. When your Brand speaks to the unique needs of its audience, it takes on a life of its own. Developing your Brand means finding that voice and giving it consistency.

Smart Automation

Automation of certain time-consuming business processes can free up the most coveted resource a business owner has – time. Smart Automation can multiply productivity levels and allow your business and bank account to scale with minimum investment.

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